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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I'm Reading...

Fundamentals: Buttercream Frosting. Yummy. This post outlines a couple variations and the basics of buttercream frosting. (My Baking Addiction)

Jesus: The Lord of Order. A Biblical take on organization and time management. My favorite line was near the end - "A child who seems to be grumpy or sad may need affection and additional attention. Laundry, however, does not become grumpy or sad when not folded." (Passionate Homemaker)

Find Your Compass. Figure out which parenting method(s) work for you and go with them. Base them on your most important priorities. (Life Your Way)

Seven Monthly Bills Most People Have, and Seven Ways to Reduce Them. (The Simple Dollar)

Finding Fulfillment in Being a Mother Only. Being a wife and mother is the most important job I have. It's just hard to remember that sometimes, when there are other roles I fall into. (Keeper of the Home)

Fraudulent Coupons Hurt Everyone - Learn to Spot Them. (Freebies 4 Mom)

10 "Rules of Life" from Tolstoy. Reading this list makes me want to learn more about Tolstoy. (The Happiness Project)

How to Stretch One Chicken into Six Meals. Nifty. (Heavenly Homemakers via Money Saving Mom)

Transparent Office. This is just a really cool computer background. (Unclutterer)

10 Cheap (and Easy) Ways to Pamper Yourself. Every mom needs some pampering. (Simple Mom)

Important Facts You Should Know Before Using Coupons. I found the information about the B1G1 coupons most helpful. (Living Rich with Coupons)

I've never done a Freebie Day, but it looks like something I would have fun doing. (Pocket Your Dollars)

Proper Care for Kitchen Equipment. My favorite tip is to crumple a piece of newspaper in smelly tupperware overnight to get rid of odors. I may have to try that. Now if only I could find a way to get rid of spaghetti sauce stains... (Life Your Way)

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