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Monday, January 24, 2011

JoAnn's Clearance Finds

Our JoAnn's Fabrics is moving to a new location, so they were having a store closing liquidation sale. I went when everything was 75% off and picked up a few things I had specific ideas for. I went back when everything was 90% off to pick up more odds and ends, but the lines were too long, and I had to get to work, so I wasn't able to get anything else.

I got two fabric scraps, which I'm planning on using for dinosaur and cow embroidered animal onesies, a package of envelopes for homemade thank-you cards, 2 spools of wire for wire picture frames, small pom poms (I was looking for these for Christmas ornaments in December, but didn't want to pay a lot for them, so I can use these for this year's ornaments), and ribbons, because I love finishing off wrapping presents with ribbons. Everything cost $6.16!

I really wish I would have had the time to stand in line the second time around, because I found some plastic canvas pattern books, styrofoam wreaths, more fabric scraps, and lots of scrapbooking papers when I went back. I guess that was God's way of telling me to use up what I have and to not be greedy!

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