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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Kitchen Binder

Another one of my New Year's Resolutions was to organize my Homemaking and Kitchen Binders. I'll have a post later this week about the first one, but I wanted to show you my Kitchen Binder, which I got more or less put together today.

It's just a standard 1-inch binder from Walmart, which cost about $1. I found a couple old blue folders in our office supplies to designate my sections, which are:
  • Dinner: Soups & Stews
  • Dinner: Other Entrees
  • Lunch and Other Recipes
I chose these categories because they work the best for us. If you're making your own binder, you'd obviously want to divide by what makes sense for you.

I got a 50-pack of these inserts on Amazon using my Swagbucks. I am part of the Amazon Moms program, so I got free shipping. The packs are regularly priced at $11.99 plus shipping. Each sheet holds eight 3x5 cards. I have a mixture of actual recipes, recipe names with corresponding page numbers from my cookbooks, and names of recipes that are either so basic they don't have a recipe, that I've made so often that I just know, or that change each time I make them. I went through a couple of my cookbooks today and I'm not even close to out of space in these inserts.

My main goal with this binder is to have all of my "usual" lunch and dinner ideas in one place, so that when I'm planning out our menu, I can flip through and decide what to make. I'm also attempting more new recipes, and if we like them, they get a card in the binder. This will hopefully be a lot easier than trying to remember what we've liked (or not liked!), and should make my meal planning go a lot faster. How do you stay organized in the kitchen?

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