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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I'm Reading...

9 Frugal Hacks to Save Money in the Kitchen. I like the homemade cream soups recipe and the homemade salad dressing, one of my New Year's resolutions (various sites via Finances Your Way)

365 Bento Lunches. Awhile back, I won a yogurt prize pack that included a bento box. I haven't used it, partly because I don't pack a lunch to take anywhere, but also because I didn't have many ideas. Here there are lots, broken down by season. (Laptop Lunches)

Cost and Quality: Best and Worst Case Scenarios. I really like the knife example, and I can see how this would definitely apply to a lot of situations in life. (The Simple Dollar)

Uncluttered Benefits of Learning People's Names. Because everybody is somebody. (Unclutterer)

Decluttering Your Feed Reader. I just did this and got rid of 8 blogs that aren't really doing much for me. And then I added 2 more. It really is a never-ending cycle. Still, it was good for me to read this post and realized that it's okay to move on from blogs I no longer need or want. (Life Your Way)

10 Reasons Minimalism May Be Right for You. Living more minimally is one of my goals. It's still very much in the making, but it's definitely something I want to work on. (Life Your Way)

Here's a list of Lots of Available Rebates right now. If you have purchased (or were planning to purchase) any of these, make sure you print the rebate forms and save your receipts! (Northern Cheapskate)

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