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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Coupon Shopping


We were at Walmart because all of my socks have gotten holes at once, and after throwing at least one away for the past 4 days, I figured I might need some new ones.  So I grabbed these bars too.
  • 2 South Beach Diet Snack Bars: $3.98 each.  Used two $3/1 printables = paid $0.98 each!
  • 10 pairs of socks (not pictured): $6.97.
  • Total spent: $9.22.

We recently got a juicer, and have been enjoying homemade juice almost every night.  But I read somewhere that you're not supposed to juice oranges, so we got a cheap handheld juicer for those.  
  • Bounce Dryer Sheets: $1.97. Used $1/1 Target coupon (insert) = paid $0.97.
  • 2 Jingo Crackers: $1.89 each.  Used two $1/1 (insert) = paid $0.89 each.  
  • Juicer: $3.99.
  • Total spent: $7.11 

  • 6 Chex Mix: $0.99 each.  Used two $0.60/1 printables and four $0.50/1 printables = paid $2.74/6.
  • 3 Russell Stover Hearts (2 not pictured): $0.50 each.  Realized later I never handed over the ad coupon to get them 3/$1, so I paid $1.50 for 3.
  • 4 ID Gum: $0.99 each with ad coupon.  Used two BOGO printables = paid $1.98/4.
  • Lorna Doone cookies: $1.59.
  • Used two $3RR from last week = paid $2.20 for everything after tax.
Other Coupon Savings
  • Caribou Coffee: Saved $1 because of a receipt survey, $0.44 for using my own mug, and $0.10 for trivia.  My total was $3.09 this time.  Last time was $3.15.  Must be something to do with the order they push the discount buttons...
  • Kwik Trip: Used $0.07/gallon coupon to save $1.03. 
  • Walmart: Used $5/1 Millstone Coffee (got in the mail awhile back) to pick up a bag of decaf for only $2.98.  Used free Farm Rich product coupon (got in the mail for emailing the company) to get mozzarella sticks for free instead of $4.98. 


  1. Okay, I'm curious, why shouldn't you juice oranges?

    1. I think something about the pulp? Like it's solid enough to get squished, but too soft to make it through the blades all the way so it might clog or something. It's like avocados and bananas. You're not supposed to juice those either, although I wouldn't think you would get much juice from them anyways. I think it's a texture thing.