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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Organizing Revolution Challenge 3: The Closets

Week 3 of the Organizing Revolution is closets.  My main goal this week was to redo a couple of things in our hall linen closet.  It is right across from the bathroom, and because of the location, it has no door, so I wanted to tidy it up a bit.  Here's before:

And after:

The bottom stayed pretty much the same, just storing our extra paper products.

The towels stayed on the next shelf, but I did get rid of a few items hiding in the corner, so now it is simply our cleaning rag pile.

The next shelf was the best change.  I got rid of a few sets of sheets that we didn't need, which made the left side less crowded.  I put the candles in a container, and I found the wire shelf underneath the kitchen sink, of all places.  The dish rags and towels moved to a small drawer in the kitchen, which makes more sense.  I just hadn't bothered to clear it out before.  Nice and neat now!

And on the top shelf, I added a box with baby blankets, which came out of the kids' room.  More on that next week!  As a bonus, I still have some extra space up here, although I'm not sure what to do with it at this point.

Another closet that I'm still struggling with is the boys' closet.  Here's how it looked at the start of the week:

I have all of the "fancy" outfits and snowsuits hung by size, which helps me see what we have.  The laundry basket is for clothes that both kids have outgrown (when it gets full, I take it upstairs and pack the clothes away in the proper tubs by size).  We also have a box of baby wipe refills (on the right side), and a box of diapers (hiding off to the left in this picture, so you can't see it).  Finally, this closet is where the "Mom gets this toy" toys go.  You know, the ones that have lots of pieces and keep getting dumped all over the floor?  A lot of those, which are both on the floor and on the top shelf.

I wish this closet had another shelf, right about that laundry basket level.  Right now, things are kind of piled all over each other, and it's a pain to get in there for anything.  Since we're renting, and I'm trying to not spend much money, adding a shelf isn't really an option.  So I need to come up with another idea.

I did manage to get the basket of too small clothes sorted out and put away, but otherwise, not much changed in this closet.  I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with it.  Maybe you can help me?  Who has cheap or free closet hacks for a rental to make better use of the space?


  1. Those wire shelves are always my go to for organization. They work miracles! Nicely done :)

  2. nice job :0) I like how you used the added rack in the middle shelf to make your space more efficient. Keep up the good work!

  3. I was thinking about buying a small bookcase from a used furniture store to put under the hanging clothes. That way I could use it for folding clothes, or toys, or books or whatever. Perhaps with some baskets as needed.

    Your linen closet, which is HUGE btw, has really deep shelves. Maybe if you put in some "under shelf baskets,", which slide on the shelves, that would enable you to access some things easier? I bought some at my old apartment, and I'm still using them at my new place, so I think they are fairly versatile as long as you don't have too odd a shape. There are also "shelf dividers" which might be good for keeping the linen stack from tipping over.

    1. I like your idea of a bookcase! My parents actually had an extra one that they offered us the last time we visited. I might have to look into that for the toys and puzzles in the kids' closet.