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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Organization A-ha! Moment: Toothbrushes

As I've mentioned before, our little bathroom has a little sink and VERY little space for storing anything.  We had our toothbrushes in a cup on the counter, but then I wanted to bring in a candle, plus the cup was getting kind of funky, and all of our toothbrushes fell into each other.  All in all, it was not an ideal storage situation.  Enter THE TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER.

I saw this holder on one of the organizing blogs I follow (I wish I could remember which one!), and knew immediately this was the solution for our bathroom.  It only cost a few dollars on Amazon, and it works awesomely!  As an added bonus, now I have room for my candle in our tiny bathroom.

Please ignore my messy sink and the medicine cups...we've had some sickness in our family recently.
What little things have made your home more awesome lately?

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