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Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I'm Reading...

Six Tips For Reading More Often.  The one that resonates with me the most is #5: Be willing to give up other habits.  I've found that in the summer, when most of my favorite tv shows are in reruns, I have more time for other hobbies.  (Sorta Crunchy)

Pinterest Tips For The Serious User.  This post had me laughing out loud.  And then going to reorganize my Pinterest boards, something I had been meaning to do anyway.  (The Martha Project)

Study: Physical Possessions And U.S. Families.  As I lean more and more toward appreciating minimalism, I find studies like this really insightful.  (Unclutterer)

Simple Solution: Pre-cut Spaghetti.  As a mother of two toddlers, this is awesome.  (Be Simply Organized)

Clear The Clutter: Free Stuff.  As we become more grown up, we're starting to replace our free and cheap things with actual quality items.  Or, at least, the cheap crappy things.  We still love our hand-me-down dining room table and chairs, as well as our crib, from my parents.  Quality stuff.  The dorm light with the shade that broke when I tried to vacuum it?  Not so much.  (Small Notebook)

Freeze Extra Staple Foods.  I do this all the time, especially with rice and dried beans.  You'd think after cooking them for a couple of years, I would understand the conversion from dried to cooked, but I always end up with extra.  (The Simple Dollar)

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