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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bottle Caps and Dried Beans Busy Bag Idea

A few days ago, the boys were getting crabby and restless.  It was hot (hence the diapers only apparel), and they didn't feel like doing much.  So I got out a few plastic cups and bits for them to play with.

For Matthew, who is just shy of 18 months and still occasionally puts things in his mouth, I grabbed some bottle caps I had been saving.

He started dumping them back and forth between the two cups.  I had cut a slit in the bottom of one of the cups for him to push the bottle caps through, which he did once, but then he decided dumping them was more fun.

Jonah, on the other hand, thought the slit in the bottom idea was a great one. I put him to work on a container of dried beans.

He was quite amused for awhile, picking up a handful and dropping them in, one by one.

Since that night, I have cut the slit in the bottom of Jonah's cup bigger, and split the bottle caps between the two of them (and I still add caps as we come up with them).  

We have left the beans alone, because Jonah got upset about something and threw a bunch on the floor, which we had to quickly pick up so Matthew wouldn't put them in his mouth and choke.  So, for now, bottle caps it is.  Both kids have enjoyed that game, and we get the cups out almost every day!

My monthly goal for May was to make 2 busy bags for Jonah, which I never did.  Since my June goal was to move (successful!) and my July goal was to get settled in our new house (also successful!), we'll count this as half of May's project.  Perhaps I'll be able to come up with another one sometime soon...

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