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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I'm Reading...

The Art Of Saving Money On Food - Or Anything Else.  I don't mind making bread or other homemade versions of things because I generally have the time, and it usually tastes really good.  (The Simple Dollar)

6 Ways To Pimp Your Tiny Rental Kitchen.  I have definitely been trying to figure out the best way to do things in our new rental kitchen.  It's a decent-sized room, but there isn't much counter space and the one set of cupboards are very tall.  (Offbeat Home)
How To Budget, Save, And Still Have A Life.  I really like the specific example of what percentage of the savings goes where, and the idea of a "distribution" account (go read the post). (Offbeat Home)

8 Hidden Meanings Behind Cravings. An informative post about some of the reasons for the cravings we have.  (Simple Mom)

How To Make Organic Meat And Produce Affordable.  One day, when we're grown-ups and have a big freezer and so on, I'd like to look into both a CSA and a bulk meat purchase.  (Deal Seeking Mom)

Preschoolers And The Art Of Persuasion.  "My goal is to help my preschool-aged daughter Sally understand why I ask her to do what I ask her to do, and to help her choose to do it herself rather than simply forcing her to do it. I often remind her that when I tell her to do something she is allowed two responses: 'okay' or 'why?'" (Offbeat Mama)

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