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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walgreens Coupon Shopping

I didn't have any coupon shopping planned for this week, but we were almost out of baby wipes, and there were a few freebies I wanted to pick up, so the kids and I went to Walgreens.  Here's what we got (coffee not included...):

  • 4 Huggies soft packs (56 ct.): $1.99 each.  Used four $0.50/1 (SS 7/8/12) and $1/1 (Walgreens July*) = paid $0.49 for one pack and $1.49 each for the others.
  • Stayfree pads: $1.99.  Used $2/1 (SS 7/22/12) = free! I would have gotten more but there was only one pack on the shelf.
  • Ivory soap 3-packs: $0.99 each.  Used two $1/1 (P&G 7/1/12) = 2 free!
  • Arm & Hammer unscented deoderant: $3.49.  Jesse has been having some problems with scented products, but this deoderant works for him.  No coupons though. 
  • 8 Milky Way bars: $0.59 each.  Used four $1/2 printables = $0.72/8!
  • Total spent: $10.48.
*The Walgreens coupon says 64-ct. or larger, but it works on the orange "soft skin" packages.  I was hoping it would also work on the other soft packs, since there was only one orange one on the shelf, but it didn't.  We still needed wipes, so I got them anyways.

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