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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Iced Mocha Popsicles

I like iced mochas.  I think I've raved about International Delight's Iced Coffee drinks before, but if I haven't, allow me to do so now.  They're delicious, sweet and creamy, like the name says.  And much cheaper than going out for coffee, which is good, because you can't really sneak off to get an iced mocha at the coffee shop during naptime without getting into trouble.  But this.  This is easy.


Here's the recipe: Pour International Delight Iced Coffee (whatever flavor you choose, but in my house, it's always mocha) into popsicle molds.  Put in the freezer.  Find something to do for several hours.  Or, do this before you go to bed so they're ready tomorrow.  And then enjoy a sweet and creamy, ice cold bar of deliciousness.  


My popsicle molds hold about a quarter cup each, so by my calculations, that makes these babies about 40 calories each.  And that, my friends, is delightful.

*I was not compensated in any way by International Delight for this post, although I would not argue with them if they wanted to send me coupons.  I just really really like this product, and this was too easy and yummy not to share.*

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