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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Hate Summer

We moved into a new house recently, and we just got our first electric bill.  Yowza!  We've had the air on a lot, so it probably shouldn't have come as a great shock, but we immediately turned that sucker off. 

I've shifted my cooking and cleaning mostly to the morning before the heat gets as bad, and we've been frequenting the mall for the free air conditioning. One boy has a heat rash in his diaper.  I'm torn between drinking my daily coffee and sweating, and hoping the caffeine headache isn't too bad or that I'll remember to cold brew some coffee one of these days for iced drinks.  Jesse and I have been sleeping downstairs on separate couches, because our upstairs is a heat-trap, even with the air, and without it there's no way we could manage.  I've gained two pounds this week, and I'm hungry.

All of these things had me really down today.  The heat has been oppressive, and this is the first moment in four days that I've been able to sit in my own living room without dripping in sweat.  I went and had a good cry (and a coffee popsicle, a super simple recipe I will post soon), and came back out to the living room to find Jesse teaching Jonah to count not to five, not to seven, but eight, nine, ten!  And he was doing a pretty good job of it too.

And it rained.  Not a huge flooding gush of a storm that we so desperately need, but enough that after sitting on our front stoop, watching the factory employees next door run out to close their car windows, and getting "drippy-drops" on our arms and faces, we could come inside and not feel like falling over.

I don't have much laundry to do, since the boys have been in only diapers this week.  I got free cherries at the store today.  I found a few new blogs to read.  We're recycling now, and Jonah thinks it's fun.  And we've decided to splurge and turn the air on for a few hours before the boys' bedtime every night so they can fall asleep.  They're little things, but they're helping. 

I share these things, not to throw myself a pity party, but to show that I'm not perfect.  I feel like sometimes who I am online hides so much of how life actually is.  I post mostly my successes, but I have a lot of failures too.  It's okay.  I'm human.  And while I guess I don't hate every single bit of it, I'm still not a fan of summer.

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