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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easy Labels For Toy Storage

One of my favorite rooms in our new house is Jonah and Matthew's room, because it is HUGE.  That means not only did we have room for this big dresser that my parents had been saving for us...


...we had room for the refinished blue toy shelf, and...

...we also had room for the cubes we used to store the boys' clothes in, which we can now use for toys.

I'm really excited about all that toy storage, because it means (in theory) that we can have plenty of space for everything to be put away.  I also know that with toddlers, putting each thing in its place is very much a learning process, so I made some labels for the cubes to help the boys remember what goes where.

I found simple clip art pictures for the train and the cars (and a picture of Little People online), and added the words below.  I printed them out, mounted them on cardstock to make them sturdier, and used yarn to hang them on the drawers.  I do want to eventually either laminate them or get some sturdier labels, because I have a feeling these will get ripped off at some point, but for now, they work.

Jonah helped me make them, and he was really excited to hang them on the drawers.  He kept going "People, trains, cars, cars!" so I think he gets it.  Right now both boys have been more excited about exploring the rest of the house than staying in their room and playing, but I hope once they get used to it, they'll have lots of fun in there!

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