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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I'm Reading...

We moved! We went on vacation!  Now to unpack, decorate, and get back into routines that got lost along the way.  And, during my coffee breaks, catch up on my blog reading...

6 Tips To Start Canning.  I would really like to learn how to can things.  I may start with a few jams, and hopefully some applesauce this year to see if I've got the basics down.  Once we are permanently settled somewhere and have a garden, I can do even more.  (Simple Organized Living)

6 Ways To Keep Your Home Organized (Organizing A Little Every Day).  This is especially important for me to remember as I find places for everything to go in the new house.  A little bit at a time... (Home Your Way)

Is There More Than Please And Thank You?  Teaching the meaning behind the principles will have a bigger and better effect. (Motherhood Your Way)

All You Need Are Two Words For A Better Marriage.  Love this.  (Simple Mom)

Having It All Part 1: In Defense Of Ordinary Life.  I haven't personally seen this magazine cover, but I like this post that talks about it, and I like my ordinary life.  (The Happiest Mom)

And finally, The Advent Calendar Project looks like tons of fun!  Basically, you make an ornament each week from now-ish (I think it started a week or two ago) until Christmas time, along with an Advent pocket calendar, and then the month of December you'll have a new ornament to put on the tree each day.  I might have to play catch-up on this one. (Just Crafty Enough)

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