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Friday, July 20, 2012

Target Coupon Shopping

My favorite coffee, Level 4 Seattle's Best, is on price cut at Target right now for $5.69 (it's normally $6.00 at Walmart).  There's also a $2/1 printable coupon, which means I was able to get these for $3.69/bag, almost half off!  Super excited!  I also like that the organic fair trade version of the coffee costs the same as the regular, so you can make your choice without worrying about the cost.

I also got 2 free pounds of cherries at Cub Foods earlier this week.  They are $1.98/lb., and there was a printable coupon out for $2 off a pound.  It's no longer available, but to cheer you up, I'll have a few cherry recipe posts coming up!

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