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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cleaning Month: After Pictures

Remember way back at the beginning of January I showed you before pictures of a few areas in my house?  I never showed you the after pictures...

I confess, I did not make as much progress as I had hoped in our pantry closet, and I kept waiting to do this post, hoping I would get back in there and finish, but I think that for now, it's as good as it gets.  It is functioning as a storage space, and that is the most important part of the space.  We were also able to clear some things out, so it wasn't a complete failure.
Here's the view from the entrance.  A few things moved around on the shelves along the back wall.  Some we got rid of, and some new things from Christmas were added (most notably sleeping bag sets for the 3 kids). And a closer view of the shelves:
One project I did take care of was moving my dry beans into jars instead of old Tupperware.  I think they look nicer, and it's easier to see how much is left of each kind.
I did, however, have more success with the magazines.  After sorting them out by title, I spent a lot of time catching up.
Now I am down to just a few from this month, and I'm almost done with my magazine holder to put them in (another project taking way longer than expected).

The moral of the story? Sometimes things take a long time, but progress is still better than nothing. 

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