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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Iron Craft Challenge #2: Get It Together!

Challenge #2 is all about getting organized. Yay! That's one of my favorites.  You could either make something to help you get organized, or organize your craft area.  Mine needs it, but that will take longer than this timeframe...

This week's project was inspired by this magazine holder, another project I pinned almost a year ago. Apparently I need to get better at the follow through on those.  I really like the checkerboard pattern shown there, and the diagonal, so I decided to combine the two for my project.  Since that blogger had mentioned her magazine holder being floppy and not as strong as she had hoped, I plan to put a double layer of canvas in mine when I am putting it together.  And I say "plan to" because...

Ack! I didn't start this for a few days into the challenge, and then life happened, and it's not done.  This makes me a bit disappointed.  But I will finish it, and will update the post when it is done, hopefully later this week.

All the materials are from my craft stash, which means I didn't spend anything on this project. Always a plus!


  1. Yes, definitely show us when it is done.

  2. I'm trying to only use stuff from my craft stash too! Shouldn't be too hard for me since I am a hoarder! LOL! Can't wait to see!