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Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleaning Month: Before Pictures

It's time. Time for the dreaded before pictures.  I have several areas in mind to work on for cleaning month, but these are the two big projects I have planned.

First, magazines.  I get several free subscriptions to various parenting, food, and lifestyle magazines, but I've fallen a few months behind.
So that needs to be fixed. I'm giving myself this month to catch up and recycle this pile.

Second, the big project.  Our apartment has a lovely walk-in "pantry" closet that we use for food as well as storage.
But it has become the dropping area for anything extra, and it's getting quite full, to the point that we can't even get to everything any more.  So some things have got to go.  And some things have got to find a better home.
Part of the problem is my craft supplies, which seem to multiply.  I think part of my problem is that I don't have one favorite craft that I do, so as a result, I have a lot of different things. My husband suggested I "just pick one" that I like, but I honestly do enjoy several different crafty categories.  Still, I do have too much stuff that I don't use.
I also have a few started projects in bags on the floor (the red one and the striped one above), as well as other hidden ones, which I need to decide if I'm going to finish or put the materials away for something else.

The food shelf is not terrible, although it could use a little straightening up.

And the big shelves hold everything else, which needs to be sorted and pared down.

Although I'm well aware it will take me longer than just this cleaning month, I plan on doing some stash-busting craft projects, as well as simply getting rid of some things.  I'm actually looking forward to a more streamlined crafty area, and I'd like to make it prettier than just old baby wipes containers as well. 

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