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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photography Challenge: Week 1 Wrap-Up

Here is my first week of pictures from my month-long photography challenge. (You can see the full list here)

I will always be bad at taking selfies.

I missed this one.

What a lucky coincidence we happened to have eggplant lasagna for dinner. I made the photography list a few weeks ago, and forgot about the order.

Close Up
Hannah, my sweet curious little girl.

Matthew, my silly little middle.

Jonah, my big kid. (Can you tell blocks are big at our house?) He loves to create The Eiffel Tower, which Mom and Dad get to go see in a few months.

This was not what I originally had in mind for "seasonal", but Hannah has been waking up between 3:30-4:00am for the past several days to be awake for an hour or two. I keep reminding myself this is just a season, and it will pass. She won't be this little snuggly baby for long.

It's kind of hard for me to remember to take these, even though I have my list out all the time.  Especially in the case of "tree", I forgot to look at my list until later in the day, and I was done going outside.  So. I'm going to try to make an effort to at least check to see what the picture is supposed to be right away in the morning, so I can plan accordingly.

It's also a mixture of pictures with the actual camera and my iphone, which was not what I had originally intended, but that's definitely how I live my life nowadays.  I would rather capture the moments somehow, and worry about organizing them later, than miss them altogether, although it makes my OCD side cringe when I do actually get around to putting my photo files where they're supposed to go.

More pictures next week! Are you taking the photo challenge with me?

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