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Friday, February 28, 2014

Photography Challenge: Final Wrap-Up

Two of my favorite things. Simple.
What You Wore Today
I'm glad this category fell on a Sunday. That's usually the day I look the most put together.

He's my favorite.
Down Low
Laundry Day! Waiting for the dryers to stop spinning...

Black and White
Tired baby didn't want to nap.

A yummy snack.  What you don't see are the pieces Jonah and Matthew took a bite of and then put back...
Already planning what to go grab next.
And so ends the month-long photography challenge.  It was kind of fun to try to find something to fit with the categories, and I got better at remembering to do it towards the end.  My goal was to take more pictures this month, and I feel like I did that.  I'm taking almost all of my pictures with my phone now, which is kind of weird for me, but yay technology?

In case you missed any:

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