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Friday, February 28, 2014

February Goals Update

I had several goals for this month, and I am sad to say, I did not complete most of them.  For whatever reason, this month just got really busy, and while I was able to make progress on some of these, most are still not done.


  • Update family pictures in various frames on our walls. I got as far as putting post-it notes on the ones I want to update (you can see some of them in the picture above). I still need to pick new ones and print them out and put them in the frames. 
  • Create 2013 Family Photo Book on Shutterfly (and order if I have a free book code). I didn't do this yet.

  • Make more homemade baby foods.  Done! Pictured are applesauce, apple blueberry, and apple pineapple strawberry.
  • Make one of the items on my intimidating foods list. Done! I made eggplant lasagna.

  • Get back into the daily reading habit with the kids.  I'd say this was about 50/50.  It was more in my mind, but it didn't always happen.
  •  Start teaching the boys an Easter hymn (which one I'm not sure yet). I should have picked one and maybe that would have helped.  I do have a specific one to work on for next month though!

  • Continue to do yoga at least 6 days a week. Done!
  • Finish the "Budgeting Finances and Time" folder of ebooks. I didn't read these.
  • Read at least 3 additional books. I didn't read any books this month.  Sad face.
So. I don't have any Pinterest to Real Life updates, or any Books I've Read This Month updates, because neither of those happened.  I kind of fell off the wagon with healthy eating (snack issues mostly, although we went out to eat several times also), so I only lost 0.2 pounds this month, which is frustrating when you are working hard every day at working out.  Those little splurges do add up though.

Here's hoping I can do better next month!

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