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Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I'm Reading...

I have lots of linky-links this week, because last week got really busy, what with the birthday party and all, so I had lots of reading to catch up on this week...

My Picky Eaters Are in Love With GREEN Food: Here's How I Did It. I love the idea of a color themed meal, and Jonah is big into colors right now, so this would be perfect. (Offbeat Mama)

10 Chore Ideas for Toddlers. Jonah's laundry job is socks. He also helps set the table. Toddlers are actually capable of a lot, I've learned. (Money Saving Mom)

My Most Ridiculous Apologies
. This list had me laughing out loud, because I'm pretty sure at one point I told Jonah "I'm sorry hair is itchy". Because, you know, my fault. (Jason Good)

The Goodies in My Paint Supply Bin. A pretty much all-encompassing list of what you might need/want to paint something. (I Heart Organizing)
7 Things We Don't Buy. I always find it interesting to see what other people are willing to splurge on, and what they're willing to do without. (Money Saving Mom)

Understanding Egg Labels 101. Good to know. (Simple Bites)

Be a Frugal Example
. I try, but you all would have to let me know how I'm doing... (The Simple Dollar)

Resist the Temptations of Soda and Fast Food. This is so one of our trouble spots. Anyone else? (The Simple Dollar)

Zoo Animals and Kids: They're Basically the Same Thing. This totally makes sense, but I never would have thought to compare the two. (Offbeat Mama)

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