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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Matthew's Teddy Bear Birthday Party

This past Sunday we had Matthew's 1st birthday party. We had a few people cancel, so it ended up being a small enough group that we could host in our apartment. Here is the table all set up, except for the fresh fruits and veggies, which were in the fridge until just beforehand:

I set out some free printable bear coloring pages for the kiddos (which ended up just being for Jonah, but he loved them).

This was my first attempt at Mod Podging something: I put pretty scrapbook paper on a formula can for the forks. It turned out pretty well, although it was a bit bubbly, so next time I'll have to make sure to really smooth things out.

I made a banner of pictures. Each month we have done a size comparison of Matthew and his stuffed frog, so I put them all in order and hung them with a few balloons. They were fun for everyone to look at!

The cake was a teddy bear, which you can read about here, and we also had gummy bears and teddy grahams to go along with the theme. Matthew got a stuffed bear as one of his presents, and along with the frog from his pictures, it was a simple but pretty table.

Happy first birthday to my little man! He definitely enjoyed his piece of cake!

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