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Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I'm Reading...

The Magic of Childhood Is Kind of Totally Freaky. I agree with this, and also, have you heard our nursery rhymes? (Offbeat Mama)

Use Household Items You Already Have to Remove Stains. I'm a big fan of an extra cold water rinse to help loosen stains. I also learned in high school that if you bleed on something, you can spit on it, launder as normal, and the stain will come out. (The Simple Dollar)

How to Save Money on Meals While on Vacation. To add to this list, we also have purchased certificates from for the area we will be in. It's a gamble, but we've generally gotten lucky. (Money Saving Mom)

Realize That Clutter Itself Is a Giant Money Sink. Which is yet another reason why I'm working on getting rid of ours. (The Simple Dollar)

Is the Cost of Convenience Worth It? Single cup coffee brewing machines have boggled my mind since they first came out. (Northern Cheapskate)

Food for Thought
. A good post, that made me think about all the creepy things I hear and notice about processed foods. Just ask my husband about canned mushrooms and maggots. I can only talk so much, because we still have plenty in our diets, but not as much as we used to. We had Bisquick pancakes recently, and I was a bit shocked at how much I disliked their fake sugary-ness compared to my now normal waffle recipe. (Home-Ec 101)

You Own Your Money - It Doesn't Have to Own You. (Life Your Way)

I Am THAT Mom: Reflections on a Merely Adequate Easter Celebration
. "The rest of it [...] is all frosting. Frosting is nice, but cake tastes pretty great without it too." (The Happiest Mom)

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