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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I'm Reading...

101 More Uses for Vinegar. Who knew there were so many? (Simple Organized Living)

When Savers Meet Spenders: How to Deal. In one word, compromise. This is pretty much Jesse and me to a T, and it's something we occasionally struggle with. (Northern Cheapskate)

I Am a Mother. But First, I Was Just Me
. My problem is I don't fully know who "just me" is yet. (The Happiest Mom)

Organizing Solutions for Renters. I actually really love the idea of putting a bookshelf in a closet to create shelving where none exists. (Unclutterer)

How to Get Great Deals When You're Short on Time. I still don't shop online much, but I have greatly scaled back how much time I devote to deal shopping. (Simple Organized Living)

Making Coffee With Butter and Eggs: An Old-World Way to Spice Up Caffeine Consumption
. I am intrigued. But I did just stock up on creamer. (Offbeat Home)

How to Tell Target Coupons From Manufacturer's Coupons. Good to know. (Penny Pinchin' Mom)

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