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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What I'm Reading...

Six Tips for Creating Awesome Care Packages for Children Away From Home. I loved getting care packages when I was in high school and college. (Offbeat Mama)

How to Get What You Want From Freecycle: Etiquette and Getting Started. I have used Freecycle more for giving things away than for finding things, but the thing I appreciate most is when people actually show up on time to pick things up. (Offbeat Home)

Choosing to MAKE Time. This is something I constantly fail at. (Simple Organized Living)

Unbirthdays, Cereal Vacations, and More Non-Holiday Traditions We're Creating
. I love the idea of making kids pay for a movie, unless they had read the book first. (Offbeat Mama)

Money-Saving Menu Planning
. Shopping from your pantry is always smart. (Money Saving Mom)

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