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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Homemaking Binder

To help make my home life run more smoothly, I wanted to start using a kitchen binder and a homemaking binder. You can read about my kitchen binder here.

The homemaking binder is still a work in progress, but right now I have a few things in there. The first page is my weekly plan. You can find the customizable downloads from Money Saving Mom here. This includes my to-do list, my weekly chores, my meal plans, any upcoming birthdays/events, devotional lists, work/meetings/appointments, and blog posts I want to write. A few are filled in for you, but most of these are headings I came up with because they work for me. Yours may be different.

I also use the front pocket for any recipes I've found that look interesting. If I use them in our weekly menu and we like them, I copy them down into my kitchen binder. If we're not fans, or if they've been sitting in there for awhile without getting made, they get tossed.

Next I have my monthly calendars, which I printed off here. I have birthdays and anniversaries listed, as well as my work schedule, appointments, trips, family plans, Jesse's school schedule, and pretty much anything else I want to remember. I refer to these when I'm setting up my weekly plans, and take note of anything in the next couple weeks that I need to be aware of.
I also keep a blank notebook in the back for anything I need to write down: grocery lists and meal plans, project lists, coupon match-ups, and so on. Eventually I want to have an "ongoing projects" list for my crafts, organizational stuff, and so on, but I haven't quite gotten that figured out yet. I also need to buy or make dividers still, but I have the groundwork done. I am most definitely a list person, and I love being able to cross things off of my weekly plan sheet and see how much I've gotten done!

How do you stay organized? Are you a list person, like me, or do you have some other way of doing things?

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