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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Easy Knitted Dishcloths

These knitted dishcloths are one of those projects that is easy to pick up while watching a movie, and you can do them in one sitting. If you're curious, each one is 30 stitches by 50 stitches, knitted on #7 needles. The only thing to remember with these is to make sure you get cotton yarn, so you can wash and dry repeatedly without them shrinking or felting. So far I've made this color and some lovely green ones. Much cuter than the boring black and white Walmart rags I had been using...


  1. Do you feel they work just as well? I'm guessing yes otherwise you wouldn't make multiple ones. I've thought about doing this a few times but then wondered about how they actually "work".

  2. I think so. Because of the knitted texture, they can scrub tough stuff, and they're absorbant for soaking up messes or cleaning up sticky fingers. And then they go in the wash with everything else. I usually use one to two rags a day in the kitchen, so I like having lots. :)