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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I'm Reading...

Taco Bell's Beef Problem: Convenience and the Value of Knowing What You're Consuming. I am a bit surprised at the numbers (36%! 40%!), but then again, maybe I'm not. And I wish I could say that this will change my love for the occasional taco, but again, maybe not. (The Simple Dollar)

Five Steps to Reclaim Your Living Room. We need to do this, if only so that it makes us go through and get rid of some of the clutter. (Unclutterer)

Home Sweet Decorated Home: Framing a Design. I completely agree that having a collection of different things with a unifying theme is the way to go. Almost all of my picture frames in my living room are black. There are many styles, sizes, and materials, but they're black, and that ties them together. (Northern Cheapskate)

Cooking 101: How to Hard-Boil Your Eggs. I usually just boil for 12 minutes, then give them a cold water soak. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't. (Life Your Way)

Stop Your Toilets from Taking a Leak. I'm not a big fan of playing with toilets, but I like the food coloring idea to see if your toilet is wasting water. Still glad I have a landlord, though... (Northern Cheapskate)

Prepare Your Kids Early for a Successful Launch Later. Foster independence in your children right away, including letting them make their own age appropriate choices and mistakes. I like to let Jonah pick between a few options for clothes, lunch, toys, and so on. These are the easy ones. Hopefully I can continue to let him make his own way as he gets older. (Simple Mom)

Organizing Photographs. This one is for my mama, who has one? (two?) big tubs of pictures in the basement. (Unclutterer)

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