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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I'm Reading...

The Best Friends' Guide to Newborns. Someone remind me to read this when I'm, oh, about 2 weeks in and haven't slept in 3 days. (Goddess Guidebook via Offbeat Mama)

I Don't Have Time to Be Frugal! Being frugal does not mean spending hours on coupon clipping or manual labor. It means being smart and organized. (The Simple Dollar)

Does Cutting Meat, Eggs, or Dairy from Your Diet Save You Money? Yes and no. You spend more on produce. You spend less on meat. There are smart ways to buy either way. (The Simple Dollar)

The Buck Stops Here: How to Lower Your Monthly Bills. I've seen many of these, but it's always a helpful reminder that you can negotiate for lower rates on many bills. (Life Your Way)

It's Harder to Get Started Today. An interesting cost-of-living comparison of life today vs. 30 years ago. (The Simple Dollar)

Does Your Family Have a Drinking Problem? Some days we do. This is a cute and simple idea. (Smockity Frocks via I'm an Organizing Junkie)

This pantry redo is really awesome. I would LOVE a pantry like that. (Honey + Fitz via I'm an Organizing Junkie)

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