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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Handmade Christmas: The Rest

Now that you've seen the two big projects we worked on - the handprint calendars and the felt animal book - here's everything else!

One of my cousins and his family lost their Christmas tree and all of their ornaments because their basement flooded last year.  So another cousin sent out a request to send them ornaments, which I was glad to do!  I made some fake wedding invitation ornaments like I usually do for wedding gifts, using their names and anniversary info.
I also "minion-ized" their family, and I think that turned out pretty well for freehand drawing.
For several relatives we made these colorful bauble ornaments, using pipe cleaners, ribbons, and sequin mix.
There were a couple Packer ones, a Mickey Mouse one, and one that was simply purple-themed.
I also made coordinating dish cloths to go with most of those.
We made treat plates for the neighbors, and the kids had fun helping deliver those.  (We may have used some of our leftover treats from church, along with our homemade goodies, because we got so many treats!)
And everybody always loves the Ritz sandwiches, so I made two batches of those to include with gifts as well.
And then I got to wrap everything up and mail it away.  
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Whew!  That was all a lot of work!  This year I'm hoping to start working on projects sooner.  Then again, I always say that...

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