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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Goals: January 10-16

The creature power discs actually worked out how I wanted them to!  I used the pdf pictures found here, and resized them to 60%, which was the perfect size to fit on a poker chip.  I printed in black and white, then shaded them with blue and green colored pencils and punched them out with a circle punch.  A layer of mod podge later, and they were ready to play!
Last Week's Goals:
  • Write thank you notes. Done!
  • Make Wild Kratts power discs to go with the boys' new power suits. Done!
  • Do yoga every day. Done!
This Week's Goals:
  • List at least 5 things on eBay.
  • Read Quiet by Susan Cain. I got this from the library and it's due a week from tomorrow!
  • Do some essential oils research.  I bought several oils around Christmas time, but I guess I'm still intimidated by them because I haven't used them yet.  I also just got a diffuser, which I'm more comfortable with than topically applying them, but I'd like to learn more in general.  I have Essentials of Essential Oils by Rachel Ramey , DIY Natural Remedies by Nina Nelson, The Essential Oiler's Handbook, and Using Essential Oils Safely by Lea Harris from ebook bundles, so I think I'll start there.
Interesting Reads:
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