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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Goals: January 24-30

This is hands down one of my favorite pictures of Elizabeth thus far.  She's figured out how to climb up in these little chairs we have, and she's absolutely proud of that fact.  Never mind that she hasn't figured out how to get down yet.  She just perches up there and watches everyone else.

Last Week's Goals:
  • Mail a few packages of craft supplies to friends. Not done, but ready to go tomorrow!
  • Do oatmeal testing for my muffins ebook. Done, although I still need to run the test one more time and take pretty pictures.  
  • Start working on the additional content for the muffins book. Done!  I wrote the introduction and the disclaimer.
This Week's Goals:
  • Start reading Luther and Katerina, a book I got last October (!) and haven't read yet.  
  • Test at least one new muffin recipe for the book. I'm thinking lemon...
  • Continue my KonMari of craft supplies.  So far I've found yarn and doilies to mail to friends who will use them, and I've made cards with the pictures I had.  But I still have a bunch of other things to use.  Maybe I'll find something appropriate for the Hearts & Flowers Challenge for Iron Craft this week.
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