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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekly Goals: January 31-February 6

Jesse snapped this picture of me reading to the kids earlier this week.  Pretty much sums up life these days.  I love when he catches these moments!

Last Week's Goals:
  • Start reading Luther and Katharina. Done!
  • Test at least one new muffin recipe for the new book. Done! I made lemon blueberry, but I need to work on the lemon part of it a bit more.
  • Continue my KonMari of craft supplies.  Not done.  My dad actually brought us a big box of papers and markers from cleaning out his office.  So I think that may have been a step backwards (although it's not backwards if you'll actually use the things, right?).
This Week's Goals:
  • Test at least one new muffin recipe for the new book.  I'll either retest the lemon blueberry, or start testing chocolate peanut butter banana. Or both.
  • Do the February church newsletter.
  • Meal plan for the beginning of February, including our annual Superbowl Appetizer Dinner.
The Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now (as inspired by this post):
  • Homeschooling flexibility.  We've taken several unscheduled days off already this year, and I love having the space to breathe.  To catch up.  To do "life" things instead of "schoolwork" things.  It's happened a lot more than I expected it to happen, and there's a part of me that feels like we're behind with each day we take, but then I remind myself that freedom from a strict schedule is part of the reason we chose homeschooling.
  • Sticky note tabs.  I've been using them to mark up books, to hold places in my organ music for church, and even occasionally in my planner if I need to mark a list.
  • My ONE THING category in my planner.  Even if nothing else gets done and the day is a disaster, I have my one thing of peace and respite in the day.  
  • Bulletproof Mochas (my recipe here).
  • That it hasn't been too frigid to send the kids outside to play in the snow pile.  They have way too much energy for inside!

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