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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekly Goals: December 20-26

Earlier this week, the kids made Lego nativities.  It was a fun activity that took the place of school, and they're decorating our dining room window.

Last Week's Goals:
  • Make food treats to share.  Done! 
  • Finish making Christmas presents.  Well, I finished the ones for this weekend's get-together.  I still have a couple to finish up and mail out.
  • Take at least one afternoon rest time to relax and read a book and NOT work on something.  I used one to catch up on email and blogging and computer stuff.  Does that count?  How about two afternoons in the van traveling?
This Week's Goals:
  • Finish Christmas presents.  For real this time, because, well, Christmas.
  • Make a projects list for 2016.  I know I have several scattered notes and ideas of things I want to get done, so once we get through all the Christmas crazies and slow down a bit, I want to have that ready to go.
  • Look into listening to a few podcasts.  Stacy mentioned in one of her Periscopes that some of them are as short as 7 minutes, and that makes them seem way more accessible to me.  For some reason I had in my head that they were super long.  
Jesse's mom and all seven of her grandkids at the Christmas party this weekend.

Stuff I Like:
  • The Hack That Will Simplify Your Homeschool For Good (Ed Snapshots).  One of the reasons our homeschool doesn't include specific time for things like art and music appreciation and geography is that I don't have a curriculum that tells me what to do.  (Also, those are extras we'll add as the kids get older and have longer school times) This method of preparing for them makes a lot of sense to me and helps with the "no curriculum" problem.
  • Ritz cookies.  I only make these around Christmas time because I make and eat too many of them.
  • Listening to my two year old talk.  The way she pronounces things just cracks me up!
  • Peace and quiet.  I love visiting family and friends, but it's so lovely to be home and just have a few moments to myself.
  • This Plant Therapy sale (today only!).  I actually don't have any essential oils yet, although I asked for some for Christmas (and just sent my husband an email with specific links, prices, and codes!).  But these seem like a good deal and have been recommended by a few people.

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