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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Four-Gift Christmas

There are a few cool ideas out there for how to give gifts to your children for Christmas.  And by that, I mean if you want to have a certain number, or a meaning behind the gifts.  Not how to wrap them up and hand them over.  Hopefully, you can figure that part out on your own.

In the past years, we've just kind of gone shopping and found things we liked, making sure to get an equal number for the kids that are paying attention to that sort of thing.  This year I mentioned the "something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read" idea, and Jesse liked it, so we (mostly) went with that.
  • Want: This Lego pack.  He has spoken of nothing but this Lego pack with his favorite character Skylor in it for the past three months or so.
  • Need: Kids need Jesus.  We got him a Bible stories dvd.
  • Wear: Captain America shirt.  We like our superheroes, and these shirts were on Target clearance for like $2.
  • Read: Wild Kratts Sea Creatures . The boys like the show, and sharks are his favorite animal.

  • Want: We scored the very cool Lego Samurai pack on Ebay for $14.  It's retired, and it was originally about a $50 set, I think.  The Samurai is Matthew's favorite Ninjago character.
  • Need: Jesus again.  We got him a Bible Stories dvd also, completing our set (we had 2 of the 4 already).
  • Wear: Lego guy shirt, also Target clearance.
  • Read: Wild Kratts Snakes and Reptiles .  They didn't have one about kangaroos, which are his favorite.

  • Want: Daniel Tiger Trolley .  "Dan Dan" is her favorite favorite.
  • Need: Here's where we deviated, because she didn't really need anything, so we went with the Daniel Tiger character 5-pack to go with the trolley.
  • Wear: Minnie Mouse socks using a $5 Famous Footwear coupon from my email.
  • Read: Dan Dan, of course.  Daniel Tries a New Food , because she's being extra picky about food lately.

Elizabeth got a box of Kleenex.  Really.  She is always pulling out Kleenex or baby wipes, so we gave her a box of her own to do what she wished.  She enjoyed it quite a bit!  One year olds don't need a lot of presents anyways, at least not in my opinion, and the kids all get gifts from relatives and church members as well.

So that's what we got for Christmas.  I really liked having the four things to keep us in check from spending overload, and I enjoyed putting a spin on each category depending on what the kids like.  We ended up opening presents this morning because we'll be at church tonight and all morning tomorrow.  And honestly?  We were excited too.

Check back next week to see all the projects I made to hand out for gifts this year!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  Buying through these links doesn't cost you anything, but it adds a little bit to our budget for things like Christmas presents for the kids.  And toilet paper.  

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