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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Goals: December 13-19

We decorated flat gingerbread houses this week. We cheated and bought a kit because that was just easier, but I do eventually want to construct a full on gingerbread house from scratch.  That will probably not happen for years though.  The kids kind of had fun, and kind of didn't quite have the skills to do what they wanted.  I think this will be a bit more fun in a few years.

Last Week's Goals:

  • Mail Christmas cards!  I have them all sealed and stamped and ready to drop in the mailbox tomorrow.
  • Continue working on homemade Christmas presents.  This went well this week, and I got a lot done.  More this coming week!
  • Make a Christmas treat.  Done! You can find the recipe for White Chocolate Treat Mix here.
This Week's Goals:
  • Make food treats to share.  I'll be making more White Chocolate Treat Mix, and some pretty normal Chex mix (minus the pretzels so it's gluten free).  I'll also be making some more Ritz cookies to share as well.  These are definitely not real food treats, but it's some of the stuff we enjoy (and others do too!) around the holidays.
  • Finish making Christmas presents.  As I think I mentioned last week, I'll be sharing those projects in a few posts after the gifts are delivered.
  • Take at least one afternoon rest time to relax and read a book and NOT work on something.

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