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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Projects

I've been doing lots of little projects around the house lately.  My favorite was probably reorganizing our dvd collection.  Here it is before:  

We also had some of the kid movies in this diaper box, which didn't really have a home.


Enter the new movie system!  I love how much space this saves!  We don't have that large of a movie collection any more, so this holds all of our dvds with room to spare.  I just need to order more sleeves to finish putting them away, aside from our tv show seasons, which I have to decide if we are going to keep or sell, since we don't watch them much after that first time through.

We've also been able to sit on our front lawn and watch the Blue Angels fly overhead as they practice for their air show.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  They were close, and loud, and pretty cool to see.

We gave this little guy his first haircut.  I will miss his adorable baby curls, but he was getting way too warm and sweaty with how hot it has been lately.  He's looking so much like a big kid now!

I spent an unexpectedly child-free hour yesterday (Jesse took the boys to the mall) organizing my piano music and other items that were stored at the foot of our bed.  I found a bunch of things to sell, some to throw out, and a few things I was able to put to use.  One of those things was our wedding binder.  Since I like to organize, I had everything set up for wedding planning in there.  It's safe to say I won't need that any more! but it was fun to look back on it all.  I used the dividers to redo my kitchen binder, and now my recipes are set up in a much more useful way for how I currently menu plan.

Aside from baking a half batch of granola and starting to pack for our move, I've been relaxing and enjoying summer with the family.  How about you?

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