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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Apple Stamping and Yarn Block Painting

Jonah loves painting, so every so often we'll do a project during Matthew's morning nap.  I found apple stamping and yarn block painting on Pinterest quite awhile ago, and they both looked like fun additions to the potato printing we did awhile back.

Jonah put on his paint shirt (one of Jesse's old button-down shirts with the sleeves cut off) and we got to work.

These are my two finished pieces.  I really like the look of the yarn block printing, although I wish I would have spaced my lines better.  I am OCD even when it comes to creating art pieces.  Go figure.  And once I got the hang of the apple printing (toward the left side in this photo), I like how it turned out, but I had too much paint to start out, so it just got kind of gloppy.

This one is Jonah's masterpiece.  He really liked the blue apple and the yellow block.  And then he liked to mix the colors together to see what color they made.  Educational! Sidenote: The boy knows all of his basic colors now, and I'm so proud!

This was actually a really easy project, since we had all of the supplies on hand, except for wooden blocks.  I used a few pieces of styrofoam that came with a picture frame we just bought, and wrapped the yarn around those instead.  I am planning on hanging some of these prints in the boys' new room when we move, since they'll have a blue/red color scheme for the most part.  You'll have to wait a few more weeks to see that...stay tuned!

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