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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Target and Walgreens Coupon Shopping

I was looking through my coupons and realized I had some Target diaper coupons that expired today.  I didn't want to waste them, since they were pretty good, so I stopped there this afternoon.  I found a bunch of Pampers on "clearance", meaning that they were a few dollars off their normal price.  

  • Pampers Box: Normally $29.99, marked down to $25.48.  Used $2/1 Target coupon (mailer) and $2.50/1 (came in previous box) = paid $20.98.
  • Pampers Big Pack: Normally $19.99, marked down to $16.82.  Used $1.50/1 Target coupon (mailer) and $1.50/1 printable = paid $13.82.
  • Huggies Wipes: $5.89.  Used $1/1 Target coupon (mailer) and $0.50/1 (insert) = paid $4.39.
  • Pampers Wipes: $1.97.  Used $1/1 Target coupon (mailer) and $0.50/1 (mailer) = paid $0.47.
  • Coffeemate Creamer: $3.29.  Used free coupon.
  • Total spent was $39.89, for almost 200 diapers and a bunch of wipes.  Happy about that!
This picture of 2 Ecotrin is from last week at Walgreens, but I never posted it: (They were $1.50 each, get a $2RR when you buy 2.  I used two $1.50/1 insert coupons, so paid nothing, but got $2 back.)

So then I used my $2RR from last week in my first transaction today, to get the Omega Fish Oil caplets.  They were $10, get $10RR, so I spent $8.74 after tax and got $10RR.

  • 4 Coffeemate Creamers: 2/$3.  Used three $0.50/1 (insert) = paid $4.50/4.
  • 2 Green & Black Bars: 2/$4.  Used two $1/1 printables = paid $2/2.
  • Arm & Hammer deoderant: $3.29. 
  • My total was $9.99 pre-tax (you can't use Register Rewards for tax, and I wanted to use the $10 from the first transaction) so I grabbed a caramel for $0.39.
  • Used my $10RR.  Paid $0.96, most of which was tax.

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