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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ribbon and Button Bookmark: A Naptime Project

Naptime projects are quick, easy projects that can be done in less than an hour while the little one(s) sleep.

Even though I don't have a ton of time to read with the two kiddos running around, I still like to indulge occasionally.  (With most tv shows in reruns, I find I have a bit more time for reading at the moment) But if I leave my book anywhere the kids can reach, my bookmark will inevitably get yanked out  fall out completely on accident.  Enter the semi-kid-proof ribbon bookmark.  It's loose enough for me to slide it around a little bit, but secure enough that little fingers will have a hard time getting it off the book before I catch them.  I like that.

You can find the tutorial here, but it's pretty simple.  All you need is a length of ribbon, a button, and a hair elastic, plus some thread to put it all together.  And you can still find where you left off reading last month when the kids napped at the same time and you had nothing else to do...

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