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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I'm Reading...

Is Mealtime a Battlefield? How to Feed Your Picky Eaters. I love the point to take advantage of what they love now. If Jonah wants to nibble on carrots and apples while I'm cutting them up, even though it's getting close to mealtime, I'm not going to deter that. (The Happiest Mom)

Dave Ramsey Soup
. This is an interesting idea. (Money Saving Mom)

Doing My Own Recycling. Here is a huge collection of things made from other things. There aren't links to any of them right now, but even just looking at the photos can give you lots of ideas. (Proverbs 31 Living)

Confronting the Terror of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom. I didn't work full time or give up a career to be a stay-at-homer, but I do feel some of the same things as in this article. (Offbeat Mama)

3 Ways to Change Your Organizing Habits
. Giving yourself false deadlines for important things is smart. (Life Your Way)

Black Friday Shopping Tips and Hints
. The only store I know for sure I'm going to is CVS. I generally try to stay away from the craziness. But if you are going out, here are some tips. (Creative Couponing)

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