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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crafty Link-Up: Soups

Fall is upon us (and winter soon to follow!), so it's time for soups to return to the menu. Here are some of my favorites, and some I haven't tried yet, but would like to.

First up, black bean soup with rice. The only reason I haven't tried this yet is because I haven't gotten any of the seasoned black beans.

I love this Slow Cooker Jamaican Red Bean Stew. The only drawback for me is that Jesse doesn't like sweet potatoes, and Jonah can't eat tomatoes. So rather than a dump and cook, it becomes a dump most of it to cook, fry up sweet potatoes for Jonah and me, and add tomatoes after I dish up Jonah's. But it's totally worth it.

This is another of our favorites: Crockpot White Bean and Sausage Soup. Slow cooker soups and stews are awesome!

This post actually has 10 soup recipes, including one for Panera's Broccoli Cheese Soup, one of my favorites. I really want to try this one!

And finally, my friend Sarah posted a recipe for Olive Garden's Toscana Soup, which we have only had once, but it was delicious, and very much like the restaurant version. I think we'll have to have it again soon!

My soup board is sadly lacking. Someone find me some more yummy soup recipes, quick! Bonus points if they use the slow cooker...

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  1. We tried the Panera Broccoli Cheddar and loved it! Also, thanks for linking to my soup. :)