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Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday and Anniversary Board Part 1

I've been planning to do this birthday board ever since I saw it on Pinterest. I bought the little wooden circles and hearts right away, and then stalled out on the project for awhile. Then I found the big board in the scrap pile at Home Depot for 89 cents. Way cheaper than the $7 or so I would have had to pay at Hobby Lobby!

So I figured I would start. I found this awesome tip for doing letters and numbers so that they look stenciled without a stencil, and bonus! you can choose your font.

The only problem with that little tip, or maybe it's because I don't have a teeny weeny tiny paintbrush, is that it won't work for the specific names/dates on the little buttons. I tried to freehand one, and that will only work if each person's name is 4 letters or less. So Nate and Adam can have birthdays, but Grandma Marilyn? Not so much. So I'll be off to get a paint pen or white Sharpie (do they make those?) in the next few days to finish.

But for now, I think the board itself turned out pretty well.

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