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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What I'm Reading...

10 Steps to Avoid Organizing Overwhelm. I find that starting something, anything at all, is a domino effect to more organizing. (Life Your Way)

What's Your Definition of Successful Parenting? To not go crazy? In all seriousness, to raise my boys to love Jesus and love others. (Simple Mom)

How a Broken Refrigerator Can Motivate You to Clear Your Desk. I like the P-A-P-E-R method for dealing with paper. (Life Your Way)

What Is Your Family's Food Story? I've never thought of this, but I read it and thought, "Duh! Of course!" Both of our families did a lot of quick and easy meals from boxes and cans. So when we first got married, a lot of what we ate was hamburger helper and canned veggies (budget played a role in that too). A couple years ago, we experimented with a month of vegetarianism, and we've incorporated far more veggies into our diet as a result. I hope the boys take that habit with them. (The Happiest Mom)

I'm a Happy Teen Mom. I Know, Right?
This article resonated with me, because while I was not a teen when I became a mom (I was just barely 23), I was definitely at a different stage of my life than a lot of the people my age. Most of my "mom friends" are at least a few years older than me. I'm okay with that, but I can totally relate to this post. (Offbeat Mama)

How to Give Generously Through Couponing. I'll admit, I've been slacking a little on the donation box, because, frankly, money has been tight. But it's still there for those extra freebies and moneymakers that we won't use, but someone else can. (Money Saving Mom)

My Favorite Clutter-Free Food Gifts. I would love if someone gave me grocery shopping for Christmas! (About One)

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