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Sunday, December 12, 2010

What I'm Reading...

How to Have More with Less at Christmas. Because sometimes, we all need a reminder that too much is too much. (Living on a Dime)

Pack Rats in Fiction - are you a White Knight? I have some pack rat tendencies, although I'm trying really hard to limit what I keep around "just in case". (Unclutterer)

Video blog: My Very Simple Homemaking Binder. I can't decide if this would make me more organized or not, but I do love a good to-do list. (Money Saving Mom)

Short and sweet - Six Reasons to Let It All Go. We are doing some more uncluttering once Jesse's school break starts next week, and I'm really excited for it. (Unclutterer)

How do you display Christmas cards? Read the linked article and the comments for lots of ideas. (Deal Seeking Mom)

You've seen plenty of ads for the greatest gifts ever and "must-haves". How to Deal with Holiday Marketing. (Northern Cheapskate)

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