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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simple Christmas Decorations

When it comes to the Christmas season, it can be tempting to do an entire home makeover to fit in every last Christmas decoration, wreath, tree, DIY idea you found on a craft blog, and so on. Sometimes, though, it's best to keep it simple. This year, we have just a few decorations out in place of (rather than in addition to) our normal chotchkes. And I think it turned out quite well.

Our friendly little snowman family, alongside some cinnamon scented candles and our advent calendar. What a cute little display!

We received the stained glass nativity as a wedding gift, and I think it is just gorgeous! A couple little angels, and our new (last year) family tradition of a yearly snow globe complete this shelf.

On shelves where little hands can reach, it's best to do decorations that are okay to play with. My Grandma Winter crocheted these carolers a long time ago, and I was blessed enough to get to keep a set of them! There's also a lamppost somewhere, but a certain little boy already walked off with that. It makes a good sword, apparently.

We also have a tree up (more on that soon!), and a holiday centerpiece on the dining room table. But that's pretty much it for this year, and I think it's just enough. What decorations have you put up?

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