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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Goals

  • Stay under budget! I've gone over the past few months, mostly because of meat.  I need to get back to a few more meatless meals each week and we should be okay.
  • Try 2 new recipes.
  • Participate in Iron Craft 2014. I feel like I say this every year, and then I don't really do much toward it. My problem is that I don't usually have a project in mind and I can't come up with anything to fit the theme. So. This year I'm going to have a list of projects that I would maybe like to do, and then when the challenge comes up, I'll find one that fits.
  • Start an embroidery project. I've wanted to try this for awhile and haven't made time.

  • Make a list of homeschool research action items. (Sounds so formal!) I have been mulling over homeschooling, but I have a lot (A LOT) of research to do first. Things like "Find a list of specific things the kid needs to know at each grade level" and "Buy Homeschooling 101 ebook and read it" and so on.
  • Read through two folders of my 97 ebook bundle. I bought two big ebook bundles in 2013 (97 books and 86 books, to be precise), and I have them neatly saved on my computer (and some on my Kindle) in their categorized folders, but I haven't read most of the books.  So I want to read through two categories in the first bundle.  They are "Cleaning, Organizing and Decor" and "Budgeting Finance and Time".  
  • Continue to do yoga at least 6 days a week. It's become part of my after-dinner routine.
  • Make sure I have all the Jane Austen books somewhere and start reading Pride & Prejudice for the Motherhood & Jane Austen Book Club
  • Download GoodReads app and go through a few book lists to add books I want to read.

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