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Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleaning Month: Removing Labels From Jars

Quite awhile ago, I saw this idea for removing labels from jars using rubbing alcohol. That's a cheap solution, and I do like using jars for all sorts of things, so I pinned the idea. 

We've been saving baby food jars lately, because Hannah goes through them fast, and I'm planning on making and freezing large batches of my own to save some money.  They've been stacking up on the counter, so I was ready to try out this label remover.

I poured the rubbing alcohol in the sink and let the jars soak in batches, label side down. I checked them at about 5 minutes, and the label part came off easily, but the glue goo was still stuck.  Checked again at 10 minutes, and it was the same thing.

So I made myself a cup of coffee in my fancy new Paris mug, a lovely Christmas gift from my parents, read Matthew a story, and let them soak some more.

The results? Nothing. Maybe I misread the original post, because while it's true that all the extra bits of label did come off, I guess I was expecting the glue to come off too, and it didn't. 

So I'll have to either stick some labels over that, or just live with the little bit of sticky-ness.  Kind of disappointing, but at least they're all clean now! Does anyone know of a more natural and/or cheap version of Goo Gone? I'd love to try something for the stickies!

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  1. I was hoping for a success story. The only thing that have worked for me is to soak and soak and soak and soak in super duper hot water for a week or more. The only thing is that I have to take it out of the sink when I went to wash dishes, and it was an eyesore all week.

    Stopping by from Nicole's Pinterest to Real Life